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Aug 22, 2019

KNOXVILLE, TN --- Knoxville physician Josh Gapp, MD, is publicly applauding Team USA for sanctioning Race Imboden, the gold medalist fencer who kneeled from the winners podium at the 2019 Pan-Am games.

“It is unforgivable when athletes disrespect our flag and our country when they have the privilege of representing America on an international stage. Team USA did the right thing, and I continue my call for Mr. Imboden to apologize to our great country or voluntarily resign from Team USA Fencing,” said Gapp.

Imboden’s actions were in violation of the terms established by the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, which forbids political demonstrations.

“Colin Kaepernick has infected America’s next generation of athletes like Race Imboden with the idea that it’s cool and acceptable to disrespect our flag and all it stands for just to score points with the politically correct crowd.”

As a pathologist trained to spot cancer, Dr. Josh Gapp has watched the cancer of political correctness growing in America. When Nike caved to politically correct pressure from failed athlete Colin Kaepernick and pulled its shoes featuring the Betsy Ross flag, Gapp decided enough was enough and announced his run for U.S. Senate in Tennessee to be a champion for liberty and fight the cancer of political correctness.


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