Josh on the Issues

Right to Life

As a physician and a Christian, I will fight to end abortion, which I believe is the greatest moral stain on our nation. I will support any legislation that advances the pro-life agenda.

Illegal Immigration

We must fight illegal immigration and provide President Trump and our men and women in law enforcement on the border with the resources they need.

Border Wall

Congress needs to pass a budget that fully funds a border wall and provides additional law enforcement resources to stop drug and human trafficking.

Defend the 2nd Amendment

As a concealed carry permit holder, I will fight any infringement on our right to keep and bare arms. They "shall not be infringed."

Fix our Healthcare

As a physician with a private practice, I will work to make private insurance available across state lines and drive down prices on insurance and prescription medication.

Defend Religious Liberty

As a Christian and sinner saved by grace, I will defend religious liberties and ensure that religious organizations aren't forced to participate in health insurance coverage that violates their religious principles.

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